We send teams of highly skilled volunteers usually four times a year with specific goals in mind for technical work and confirming activities.



Technical work

Teams are sent with specific projects to complete while on technical visits. Projects can include installing a water system, building a passive solar greenhouse, renovating an operating suite, training health care personnel, running hepatitis clinics, etc.


confirming activities

Our main goal on confirming visits is to verify that our supported facilities have received food, medicine, equipment, etc., and are using the support as intended which is to benefit patients under their care. These visits also enable us to deepen relationships and build trust with local officials and staff while helping us to learn of new needs. During this time, we typically visit 20 to 25 care centers and travel about 2-3 thousand kilometers on any given trip.


Specific Needs

Increasingly, there are opportunities to share specific skills and talents in North Korea. At this time, we are specifically looking for people with the following skills and training:

  • Clinical lab training and experience
  • Medical specialties including: ultrasound, internal medicine, or gastroenterology

(Korean language ability is preferred.)


Please contact our office for more information or fill out our volunteer application.