He had traveled 7.5 miles that day from his home, back to the TB rest home, just to share his story with us.  Mr. Ri's hands were rough from long days in the fields, and he was dressed in a padded coat and pants to ward off the late winter's cold.  He came in politely to the chilly room, bowed slightly and joined us at a small table.  We asked him to tell us about the impact on his life and his family since receiving a water filter bucket.  He began earnestly, "My home is about 12km down the coast, so it takes a bit to travel here.  I used to have a lot of problems with digestion.  It was such a pain, and made life difficult.  I came here for treatment after I got sick (with tuberculosis).  When I went back home, the doctor gave me this filter bucket to take with me.  When we first started using it, I was not sure it would be much use.  It is just a bucket (and a small filter).  But then, after using it for about six weeks, I realized I had started to feel better.  I went from having diarrhea 5-6 times a day, to only 1-2 times a day, to finally, none. 

Wow - is it true?  This is great!  Even my wife started to share the news, and our neighbors also wanted to share the filtered water.  The well does not have a lot of water, but people all wanted to have some.  There are about eight houses all together in our area - a community of about 40 people.  We made a special table just for the filter, so it can filter and drain water continuously.  We can let it run while we work or do other things.  We have it inside our house and keep it warm so it does not freeze.  In my house, there are five people in the family.  I have gained about three kilos (nearly seven pounds) since I have been using this bucket over the last five months.  My wife's stomach does not hurt anymore so now she is happier.  I have also been healed of TB.  No more coughing, no more fever, now a negative sputum test, and no more stomach pain!  It's a little strange to have more fat on my face now - I think I'm looking healthier than before!"  He smiled, thanked us with an open heart and a hearty handshake and went on his way. 

Later, that evening, after returning to Pyongyang, an official who had traveled with us for the first time and who heard Mr. Ri share his story said, "This was the first time I had the opportunity to see your work.  This is really good work!  Thank you for all the help you are bringing to our people and our nation." 

Contributed by:  Heidi Linton